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Don is a veteran of the golf industry. His background comes from golf equipment design and manufacturing. An engineer, he spent 25 years on the PGA TOUR as a club designer for the best players in the world. His designs were used in the course of winning many Major Championships and tour events by professionals across the various tours. To design such items, one must have a complete understanding of how they are and can be used.

As senior designer of Cleveland Golf Company, he revolutionized wedge design. Nearly all modern wedges are byproducts of his design doctrine by introducing the concept of “NET BOUNCE”. He is also recognized as an early pioneer of digital and electronic fitting using launch monitors and other devices. His portfolio of US patents includes fitting tools that are now main stream such as modular and interchangeable hosels used by every major golf company.

Don is also a noted author and journalist for golf periodicals. His articles were published by such noted magazines as GOLF MAGAZINE , SENIOR GOLFER, GOLF FOR WOMEN and GOLF TIPS MAGAZINE where he was a member of their distinguished equipment panel. Additionally, he is a former teacher of Golf Equipment classes at the PROFESSIONAL GOLFERS CAREER COLLEGE in Temecula California, an accredited institution. 

Don Wood Golf IQ helped daughter, Hannah Wood

A fourth generation golfer, his family has accomplished greatness including major championship wins in the game with tour professionals coming from every one. Don taught both of his children to play and both became high level Division I NCAA players. His daughter, Hannah, is one of the best in the NCAA and women's amateur golf. In 2016 she participated in the Women's US OPEN to a respectable finish. Don’s ideas are coalesced into a broad concept he calls FINITE ELEMENT GOLF. This is a view of golf that breaks the entire game down into its smallest features but with a common thread; scoring consistently with the absence of slumps. This is the ethos of PGA tour players who Don was fortunate to observe at very close range and work with for most of his career.

While not an advocate of major surgery of the golf swing, Don is a student of the game and well qualified in all major theories of the swing. But most regard him as a Sage of the short game and the mental artistry of PLAYING GOLF.

Don is available for mentor relationships to serious golfers who want to compete.

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