What's My Golf IQ? Take our Golf IQ Test SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER! -

What's My Golf IQ? Take our Golf IQ Test SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER!

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The interactive Golf IQ test you are purchasing has 25 questions, designed for a single digit handicapper or better. Upon completion of the test, you will be provided with the correct answers so that you can review the ideas behind them. Below are three questions from our database, similar to ones on the test. We have an endless database of questions to help mold your Golf IQ.

After you complete the Golf IQ test and if you would like to upgrade to a full subscription, your account will be credited the price of this test. 


1. Assuming that there is a decent lie, The best situation(s) to use a driver off the deck:

A. Going at a par 5 green in 2 where there is no forced carry and it is beyond the range of the 3 wood
B. Aggressive trouble recovery…When there is a fairly wide open shot out of the trees but very low overhanging limbs
C. Into a very strong head wind with little trouble except rough and we want to keep the ball very low so as to not get it up and the wind can blow it around.
D. None of the above…a driver off the deck is a stupid play regardless of the situation.
E. b & c

2. The club head moves 2.5 miles per hour per inch of club length . So if I choke the club a full inch, it will be moving 2.5 miles per hour slower and will usually take just a few yards off of any shot. But I should still take a good, hard cut at it. This is a good thing to do when I am between clubs, especially with the longer ones like 6 iron through the 5 wood. 


3.  Most of the time I should: 

A. Tee the ball up on the best side of the tee box for the proper shot to approach the    green or fairway.
B. Tee the ball up in the middle of the tee...always
C. Tee the ball up a little higher to take some yardage off of a club
D. Make sure I am teeing the ball up on a flat area
E. Tee the ball up on the left side for a draw, tee the ball up on the right for a fade
F. All except b